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“As a bar owner, if my air conditioning goes out in the summer or my heating goes out in the winter, my doors might as well not be open. Air Max offers the level of reliable service that I need to run my business properly and keep those doors open 365 days per year.”  

- Bill O'Rile



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Is it better to have a larger Air Conditioning unit?

As with most things, the working value of a larger, or smaller, unit is relative to the application of the unit in question. Bigger is certainly not better if it is unnecessary. The system must be properly sized and run for a sensible amount of time to yield & maintain consistent temperatures. Larger units run for shorter periods of time and can cause “short cycling.” The “Start-Up” and “Shut Down” of any A.C. Unit affect the machinery the most. Using units that are too large for their appointed application will shorten the life span of the compressor while simultaneously wasting power. Be sure to select a unit that is sized sensibly in correlation to the appointed space. Choosing the correct size will guarantee longer life span and less maintenance service which, in turn, SAVES YOU MONEY!!

The difference in operating efficiency between a 10-12 year old 8-SEER A.C. or Heat Pump and a New 14 High Efficient Unit is....

35%-50% IN ENERGY USAGE!!!   It might not always translate into respective saving because utility rates continue to increase. Homeowners may use 15%-25% fewer kilowatt hours in a specific month than they may have one year ago but they could potentiall only see negligible savings due to the constent rise in utility rates. Carrier Corporation says that on average, nationally, heating and cooling costs constitute a little less than 50% of your utility bill. While savings are very important, the difference is also important regarding our participation in GREEN LIVING. It’s nice when you can save a little money. It’s really nice when you can help to save the planet too.